April 17, 2023
Genoa, Italy

Virtual and in presence conference

Purkinje neurons from the human cerebellum, 1899. Credit Cajal Institute, Madrid

“Intellectual work is an act of creation.”
Ramón y Cajal

idea’23 aims to bring together academic scientists, researchers and scholars to share their experiences and results in those fields common to science, architecture and design. A non-exhaustive list of issues that can be addressed is: neuroscience, psychology, psychiatry, biology, art, architecture, drawing, design, creativity, new technologies, sociocultural phenomena, computer interfaces.
The study of the creative design process, from the moment of its conception to the built product, has lately evolved and expanded including a range of disciplines able to provide experimental clues. The dramatic evolution of neuroscience has provided new means of investigating the cerebral functions that underlie artistry, perception, emotions, rational thinking.
The contributions presented at idea’23 are meant to place man at the centre of the investigation, in his biological and emotional definition, as a creative force and filter of external reality.
The goal of this first symposium is to offer a broad overview of the current situation of Italian and international experimental studies applied to the field of the arts as an interdisciplinary platform.

Topics of interest

Topics of interest include, but are not limited to, the following areas:

  • Perception of the architectural space: stimuli like sound or colour intensity, lighting, colour scheme, texture, etc can all produce emotional reactions in occupants.
  • Creative imagination and mental models.
  • Spatial relationships in a building or urban landscape.
  • Neurophysiology and the tools for investigating human behaviour.
  • Artificial Intelligence, Virtual Reality, Augmented Reality, Mixed Reality.
  • Architectural illustration, renderings and visual communication.


  • We accept contributions by one or more authors.
  • Participation proposal must be presented as a word file (.doc, .docx) written in English, not exceeding 15.000 characters. Furthermore, 5 keywords identifying the topic and at least 1 image will have to be reported in the same file. Proposals must be accompanied by a short CV (no more than 600 characters), and sent by March 20th, 2023 to the e-mail address:


The selected speakers will be asked to prepare an oral intervention, accompanied by any images or videos, not exceeding 15 minutes (+5’ discussion time).

Scientific committee:

Dip. Architettura e Design (dAD, Unige):
Prof. N. Casiddu,
Prof. M.L. Falcidieno,
Prof. A. Giachetta,
Prof. E. Bistagnino,
Ph.D. G. Leandri,
Arch. L. Buondonno
Dip. di Neuroscienze, Riabilitazione, Oftalmologia, Genetica e Scienze Materno-Infantili (DINOGMI, Unige):
Prof. A. Schenone,
Prof. M. Testa,
Prof. L. Marinelli

Promoting committee:

A. Schenone, M. Testa (DINOGMI, Unige);
M. L. Falcidieno, A. Giachetta, G. Leandri, L. Buondonno, E. Canepa (dAD, Unige);
F. Juan-Vidal, S. Iñarra Abad (UPV); A. Grippo (Unifi);
D. Sunnucks (QMUL)